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2755700, lol dude
Posted by Mynoriti, Mon Jan-17-22 08:04 PM
>What's the chances of a team coming back from a 2 TD defecit
>or more in a playoff game?

slightly less than each team being one play away from winning and falling one play short. you know. the thing that actually happened lol

>You're talking about historic comebacks

The Raiders were down 10 going into the 4th. scoring twice in a quarter isn't exactly historic. Dallas win would have been more impressive since i think they were down 3 scores... but again they were right there. none of this was garbage time.

>But you still didn't answer the question
>You saw quality football this weekend?

yes/no two weren't very competitive, and two games came down to the last play. I don't see any cause for alarm

not every play-off game is like the movies.