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Topic subjectyeah. I look at it like this:
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2755503, yeah. I look at it like this:
Posted by Dr Claw, Sun Jan-16-22 04:04 PM
- Bucs defense is too much for this young team that is heavily run based. that's why they won more than anything else.

- the Eagles were not beaten by the Bucs offense, they just filled a role. they could have kicked field goals and won tbh

- Eagles defense is mid, Eagles offense needs a "Jeremy Maclin" to go with Devonta, Jalen needs experience (if he survives as QB)

- the Eagles have 3 first rounders, and really only Dallas to worry about in division. Both Washington and New York are behind in their re-development.

- at least this game wasn't a shutout, but it was over in the 3rd.

- Fuck Tom Brady, now and forever.