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Topic subjectKrazy Irving doubles down
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2755711, Krazy Irving doubles down
Posted by guru0509, Mon Jan-17-22 08:31 PM

Kyrie Irving gave a very long answer about his vaccination status, but he ended with:

"I've made my decision already and I'm standing on it."

I hope more players pull a Nasir Little on him on every single play and dive at his ankles and knees....fuck this dude and anyone who supports him.

>PG being done for the season was a given. Yeahhh. That means
>the clippers
>will be open to trading Zubak. He has one year left on his
>contract, or maybe even
>Morris or Hartstein. Expect some type of fire sale from them
>before the trade deadline.
>It’s quite evident after losing to the Mavericks that we
>need some size. Teams know
>they can simply score inside, and facing a PG like Luka, he
>exploited that...and other
>elite guards will exploit it as well.
>Bulls play Brooklyn tonight on ESPN. Bulls have beaten them
>twice this season,
>so I’m expecting a L. It’s difficult to beat a team three
>times in a row, plus Kyrie will
>be playing.
>Derozan getting snubbed for player of the month is a god damn
>But some old dude out in LA is stat padding
>while taking Ls, and it gets all the news.
>I guess you don’t have to be a winner to get a chicken