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Topic subjectThat was the game of the year for the Cavs this season.
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2755684, That was the game of the year for the Cavs this season.
Posted by Dr Claw, Mon Jan-17-22 05:26 PM
Cavs leaked out a 3rd quarter but went nuts defensively late in the game. Okoro better not traded unless they get a GOAT in return; he's taken out Dejounte, SGA, and now Kyrie in crunch time coming back from injury. Had he the kind of offense that would put fear in the opposition, he'd be coveted across the league.

He just takes your best guard out.

I really dislike James Hardees and his fucking foul grifting, now that the refs are letting it happen. If Trae does that shit when the Cavs play the Hawks next... it's ON.

Darius Garland is still a Point God in the making. 5 Cavs in double digit scoring.

Brandon Goodwin is doing a hell of a job with his limited time as Rondo sits out. I hope the Cavs keep him as their end-of-rotation guard.

He, Rondo, Garland... that'll give the Cavs some insurance.