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Topic subjectIverson and Westbrook both have Finals appearances too
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2755613, Iverson and Westbrook both have Finals appearances too
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Sun Jan-16-22 10:39 PM
and just ran into 2 of the greatest players of all time as well. if you're trying to draw a distinction here, it's not going very well.

and you were talking about chips before - when did the goalposts get moved to "championship appearances"? You sound like a loser-ass Iverstan.

>between them, both just ran into 2 of the greatest players
>off all time.
>But I can cherry pick players, too
>Magic was a huge scorer in high school and college, but he
>even stated that he had to put more emphasis on facilitating
>because he had players like Kareem and Worthy on the squad. He
>has 5 rings

LOL- now you're just making shit up. Magic never said that, and he wasn't a huge scorer in college - he averaged 17 point + 8 assists in college, then averaged 18 & 7 his rookie year in LA. He didn't change anything, that was just his natural game.

>And take James Harden, who stated that playing like he did in
>wouldn’t be beneficial for the team, because more
>facilitating is needed
>then scoring, because there are other talented players on the

Harden is a fat loser who alienated teammates for the bulk of his career dominating the ball at all times, chokes in the playoffs and has never won shit.

>The PG position is the most cerebral and intricate position on
>the court, so it is highly imperative for PGs to make sure
>that the ball is being distributed to all players,
>and to ensure that the team plays as a cohesive unit.
>Ja Morant can do a lot better than what he is doing in the
>assist department, so
>I hope he improves.

Westbrook led the NBA in assists 3 times - just putting up assist numbers doesn't ensure that you're involving the team or that they're playing as a cohesive unit. Ja involves his team - he's throwing lobs left and right, he moves without the ball, cuts to the rim, does stuff to open things up for the team without dominating the ball at all times or just gunning at will. And he's still only 22 - very few PGs that young are fully developed floor generals. He's still learning and developing. But you're stuck on assist numbers, so go watch Westbrook instead - he averages more assists, so that must mean he makes sure everyone is getting involved and has his team playing together as a unit.