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Topic subjectYup. This team hasn't built any kind of momentum, regardless of lineup
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2755596, Yup. This team hasn't built any kind of momentum, regardless of lineup
Posted by Vex_id, Sun Jan-16-22 09:26 PM
But I do think there's some truth to when Bron says it's hard to assess this team, as it's never been whole. AD has missed 16 games; Bron has missed 12. THT in and out of lineup. AR 15 in and out. Ariza in and (mostly) out. Nunn hasn't played a second. Ellington hasn't always been available. Never-ending lineup experiments (especially at Center).

It's crazy how there's been zero continuity for the Lakers the past two years after winning the 'chip. This is a brand new team, yet again, and a very difficult chemistry project even if everyone was available. With injuries and lack of availability, we've really only seen a handful of games where the big three are even on the court together, let alone everyone else.

But this is who the team is right now: a marginal team in danger of missing the playoffs. If they can't get somewhat healthy, they have no chance at making a deep run. AD & Bron have to be full for the playoffs. If they are, they'll be a dangerous wild card - especially if Russ is rolling and the team is healthy to where the depth they have can actually be showcased.

Lot of ifs though.