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Topic subjectStockton and Cp3 have 3 championship appearances
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2755521, Stockton and Cp3 have 3 championship appearances
Posted by allStah, Sun Jan-16-22 05:26 PM
between them, both just ran into 2 of the greatest players off all time.
But I can cherry pick players, too

Magic was a huge scorer in high school and college, but he even stated that he had to put more emphasis on facilitating because he had players like Kareem and Worthy on the squad. He has 5 rings

Jason Kidd, 3 championship appearances and one ring.

And take James Harden, who stated that playing like he did in Houston
wouldn’t be beneficial for the team, because more facilitating is needed
then scoring, because there are other talented players on the team.

The PG position is the most cerebral and intricate position on the court, so it is highly imperative for PGs to make sure that the ball is being distributed to all players,
and to ensure that the team plays as a cohesive unit.

Ja Morant can do a lot better than what he is doing in the assist department, so
I hope he improves.