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Topic subjectYou're definitely right about these two points.
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2755519, You're definitely right about these two points.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sun Jan-16-22 05:19 PM

>He takes the heat off people like THT who has been hot garbage
>since they gave him that contract.
>If Dennis Schroeder was still here putting up Westbrook
>numbers people would be saying he was an all-star.

If Schroeder was doing 19-8-8, people would be dancing in the streets. And if THT had taken a fraction of the leap people anticipated when they let Caruso walk, Lakers would be at worst the 5th seed and people wouldn't be as fervently looking for heads to decapitate, lol.

This is the Russy experience, for better and for worse. He'll go through bursts of shooting 9-16 and 10-18, then he'll go through bursts of 2-15 and 3-14. He'll have 11 assist/4 turnover games, then he'll have a 5 assist/6 turnover game. I definitely thought Bron and AD would be around more to counter Russy's offensive droughts, and AD is of course crucial to the defense not being a sieve. But he's honestly only been *slightly* worse than expected.

I do think that the absence of AD is a much bigger factor than the absence of Russy. The defensive impact alone is immeasurable. They'd won 8 of their last 12 right before AD got hurt.

But I think in regards to this...

>Frank Vogel needs to figure his lineups out and get the team
>to play better defensively. Our defense has been terrible
>that’s the problem.

... Russ definitely plays a role in how bad the defense has been. Again, AD would help. But Russ is real bad on defense.