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Topic subjecthe's had 5 of those games this yr out of 32 games played + won 4 of them
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2755516, he's had 5 of those games this yr out of 32 games played + won 4 of them
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Sun Jan-16-22 04:48 PM
so he's able to put up shots and take over a game scoring when needed to win, but he doesn't do it very frequently and doesn't just jack up shots at will.

>Trae Young avg 20 a game, and you know he jacks shots. So
>doesn’t tell the full story.
>I like for PGs to be all around, and making sure everyone is
>getting involved.

Trae is also 3rd in the league in assists/game and first in assist%, and was second in assists/game the previous two seasons. He likes to shoot but is also one of the best in the league at making sure everyone is getting involved.

>All I’m saying is a PG leading his team in FG attempts
>doesn’t equate to championships, However, Curry is the
>exception or should I say outlier.

Cousy, Frazier, Magic, Isiah, and Tony Parker all won championships leading their team in FG attempts. So no, Steph is not an exception or outlier in that regard.

>We saw it with Iverson. We
>saw it with Westbrook. In the long run, it doesn’t lead to

they are inefficient gunners; Ja is not.

and how many chips do Stockton, Nash, and CP3 have?

your argument is an oversimplification and is not very well thought out or supported by evidence.