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Topic subjectThe Nets have to be the least intimidating big 3 ever assembled lol
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2755466, The Nets have to be the least intimidating big 3 ever assembled lol
Posted by guru0509, Sun Jan-16-22 01:32 PM
when Harden was brought in, everyone thought they were going to be some 2013 Miami Heat death squad

people forgot that they have a moody mental midget at PG who doesnt care about basketball, and a coach who was brought in to babysit and stroke egos rather than actually coach.

nothing but drama and losses against the top teams in the league (chicago is fugazi)

this team was so much more fun to be a fan of as a scrappy 8 seed.

>PG being done for the season was a given. Yeahhh. That means
>the clippers
>will be open to trading Zubak. He has one year left on his
>contract, or maybe even
>Morris or Hartstein. Expect some type of fire sale from them
>before the trade deadline.
>It’s quite evident after losing to the Mavericks that we
>need some size. Teams know
>they can simply score inside, and facing a PG like Luka, he
>exploited that...and other
>elite guards will exploit it as well.
>Bulls play Brooklyn tonight on ESPN. Bulls have beaten them
>twice this season,
>so I’m expecting a L. It’s difficult to beat a team three
>times in a row, plus Kyrie will
>be playing.
>Derozan getting snubbed for player of the month is a god damn
>But some old dude out in LA is stat padding
>while taking Ls, and it gets all the news.
>I guess you don’t have to be a winner to get a chicken