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Topic subjectYou can skew the stats however you went to,
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2755446, You can skew the stats however you went to,
Posted by allStah, Sun Jan-16-22 03:26 AM
and spew off other nonsense, but so can I.

Ja Morant is in the category of Kyle Lowry, D. Murray , Chris Paul, and James
Harden, and all 4 PGs are averaging 8 or more assists a game
and get others involved. You also brought up Jokic, who isn’t even
a pg, who averages more assists than Ja Morant as a big, because he
looks to get his teammates involved. And he is playing with a less
talented cast, because Porter and Murray are both out, and Barton has
also missed time.

Then there is Garland, Ball, D. Russell, and Doncic who all avg more assists
than Ja Morant while playing the same amount of minutes.

Chris Paul: 10.0
James Harden: 10.0
Murray: 8.9
Doncic: 8.7
Westbrook: 8.0
Lowry: 8.3
Garland: 7.8
Ball: 7.6

He is the worst of his peers. Facts. 6.8 assists a game is subpar for a PG of
his caliber, tier, and usage rate, and with the talent that he plays with in
Jackson, Bane, Brooks, and Williams, etc, his numbers should be way better
than what they are. He looks for his shot more than he looks to facilitate.
If you were to put any of the aforementioned PGs on the Griz, they would
definitely amass way more than 6.8 dimes a game.

Also, look at total assists. Ja and Luka have played the same amount of games(32),
and both were out due to injuries. Luka has amassed 243 assist, Ja 212.

He needs to tremendously improve his facilitating skills, and look to
get his teammates involved more. Hopefully, that will come as he matures.