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Topic subjectThis is both wrong and more than a little silly.
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2755442, This is both wrong and more than a little silly.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sun Jan-16-22 12:50 AM
>which is 14th in the league, and below avg for a PG.

There are 30 teams in the NBA. That means 30 starting PGs. Draymond and Jokic are in the top 14, so that means Ja Morant is 12th among PGs in the NBA in assists per game. Now, I may be but a mere math tutor, but 12th out of 30 starting PGs is, in fact, above the average.

So that's wrong.

Now, you may think he needs a little more distribution. The average among starting PGs is about 6, he's a little less than one assist per game above average. Okay, fair enough. I think if one argued he should notch his assist numbers up somewhere between .7 and 1 APG more, putting him firmly in the top third of NBA starting PGs in assists instead of being merely better than average, I think that's reasonable.

This, however, is silly:

He needs
>to at least be at 8-9
>assists a game

Ony 6 players in the NBA are averaging 8+ assists per game. He *needs* to be putting up more assists? When his PER is Top 2 among all PGs in the NBA? Word?

>2-3 more assists a game is where he needs to be.

So, Ja Morant is currently averaging a shitty 6.8, and in order for his assists to not be shitty, he needs to average between 8.8 (only four players in the NBA average this number or higher) and 9.8 (only two players in the NBA average this number or higher)?

There's got to be a way to argue that Morant could benefit from distributing the ball a little bit more at times without arguing:

(a) that 6.8 APG is shitty (it's demonstrably not)
(b) that 6.8 APG is below average (it's factually not)
and (c) he needs to be a Top 6 APG guy in the NBA for Memphis to be an actual contender (this isn't an argument that's quantifiable in one way or another, so I don't even know how to address it or assess it, lol... suffice it to say, I think their mediocre 3 point and FT shooting and their relative experience are bigger issues for the Grizzlies' ability to contend than whether Morant averages somewhere between 1.2 and 3 more APG)

I know you won't care about any of this, but I figured I'd post this for the people who read that post and thought, like me, "wait a minute, how is 14th in the NBA shitty and/or below average?" The answer is it's not, and it's not.