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Topic subjectDeflection from what?
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2755407, Deflection from what?
Posted by allStah, Sat Jan-15-22 08:54 PM
I think he takes too many shots as a PG, and some
of those shots could go into getting more assists and getting
others involved.

That was the whole point....two other PGs take the similar 19 shots
other than Curry( which is the exception), and that is Young and Lillard,
and their squads ain’t winning.

Again PGs leading their team in FG attempts don’t lead to chips,
because they are doing more shooting then assisting. History doesn’t lie...
and again, Curry is the exception.

Ja has a scorers mentality more than a facilitating mentality...He will get
superstar recognition, no doubt....but that doesn’t make the team better
in the long run.