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Topic subjectAs great as Steph is - he can't carry a team on his back at the top-end
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2755377, As great as Steph is - he can't carry a team on his back at the top-end
Posted by Vex_id, Sat Jan-15-22 02:29 PM
Last year I thought Steph played his most dynamic individual basketball of his career, and they still couldn't get into the playoffs. He's not a LeBron level impact to where he can single-handedly just will a team into the top-tier by himself. Not a knock, there's only a handful of guys who can single-handedly will a team to be elite in the game's history.

>klay *should* help out with a lot of that but right now hes
>looking to get a shot off whenever he touches the ball and the
>role players are struggling with the lack of ball movement
>when hes in the game.
>and then you always have the turnovers.

Def agree. I don't doubt that Klay will once again be an elite shooter who can score in bunches. I do wonder how his lateral movement will be. In his prime, he was one of the very best two-way guys in the game. I wonder if his defense will taper off at this stage of his career with the injuries.

But I think this team will find its groove in April expect them to be conference title favorites.