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Topic subjectI'm OK with Darius Garland flying under the radar.
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2755362, I'm OK with Darius Garland flying under the radar.
Posted by Dr Claw, Sat Jan-15-22 06:39 AM
The Cavs drafted him because they thought he had the potential to be a 3-point shooting guard with some playmaking skills. Sort of like how Halliburton is for the Kings.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan, they fucked around and got the real reincarnation of Steve Nash (DG's shot has been off a bit lately from 3, but when it is on? few people have a better looking shot). Maybe even CP3. The way Garland controls his passes is ridiculous. Some amazing plays against the Spurs last night.

He has been BALLING this season at levels I didn't even think he would.

Spurs game was tough. It's Popovich so you know you can't slack. Dejounte Murray is good at basketball. For some reason I like Lonnie Walker (even though I don't recognize him without the hair. Both he and De'Aaron Fox).