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Topic subjecti think theyre just regressing to the mean for the most part.
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2755279, i think theyre just regressing to the mean for the most part.
Posted by Reeq, Thu Jan-13-22 10:54 PM
theyre success was largely predicated on steph playing at an mvp level and the rest of the team overachieving and playing at a level they really havent played at in the past.

well steph has been inefficient and sometimes downright dreadful in a lot of games recently. and the role players cant keep up with consistent overperformance.

even when theyre winning...steph is uneven and cold for long stretches on offense but they were lucky to get a combined 50 points from wigs and poole and stuff like that. wigs was the best 3 point shooter in the league for like a month and otto porter was an absolute game changer a lot of times. but thats not looking sustainable over the long haul and someone like jordan poole is back to looking like jordan poole on most nights.

klay *should* help out with a lot of that but right now hes looking to get a shot off whenever he touches the ball and the role players are struggling with the lack of ball movement when hes in the game.

and then you always have the turnovers.