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Topic subjectmy concern with GSW is durability.
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2755274, my concern with GSW is durability.
Posted by Vex_id, Thu Jan-13-22 09:52 PM
The deep championship runs wrecked everyone on that team. Steph, Klay & KD all dealt with serious, season-ending injuries that kept them out for extended periods of times. Lot of high-leverage mileage.

I actually think what they've already done is impressive, bouncing back from extended post-championship hangover to play elite basketball again. You have to think once they get healthy - and Klay gets a couple months under his belt - that they will be elite and perhaps even conference title favorites.

Front-office did a good job of softening the deafening blow of losing KD by surrounding the Klay/Steph/Dray core with a lot of competent, complementary pieces at each position.