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Topic subjectThat's a very odd trade from the Hawks perspective.
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2755219, That's a very odd trade from the Hawks perspective.
Posted by Numba_33, Thu Jan-13-22 01:48 PM
Does Reddish not play good enough defense for Nate McMillan to stomach him being on the Hawks?

Knox so far has been a bench riding scrub (sorry RealBillyRawDawgs, but it's true), and that packaged draft pick can't be all that low, so I don't get why the Hawks would want to make that trade for such middling returns.


I just checked the schedule and low and behold, the Knicks next opponent happens to be the Hawks this Saturday. That should be enough time for Knox and Reddish to complete their physicals and for both to actual be available for Saturday's game.

Pretty interesting, at least to me.