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Topic subjectWestbrook is 8 for has last 40 from the field; confidence broken
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2755210, Westbrook is 8 for has last 40 from the field; confidence broken
Posted by Vex_id, Thu Jan-13-22 11:40 AM
He has no swag to his game right now. His body language looks bad. For a guy with supreme confidence, he doesn't look comfortable in his own skin out there - and he just really can't seem to focus. I expect him to break out of this funk, but man, this is ugly to watch.

Lot of reports on Laker trades. Take Russ out of it. Nobody is trading for him with that salary. But THT & Nunn for Jerami Grant has been floated which is intriguing. Not sure that moves the needle but Grant could very well be the third best player on this team.

Pelinka deserves some heat if things don't improve. Essentially all of his off-season moves have failed to pay off thus far.

Ultimately this team will be judged on the post-season. But with how things are going right now, they better worry about just making the playoffs as a top-6 seed. They are digging a hole right now.