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Topic subjectThe Lamar Stevens Game in Utah
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2755192, The Lamar Stevens Game in Utah
Posted by Dr Claw, Thu Jan-13-22 01:32 AM
Utah's recent history with the Cavs has been a frustrating losing streak including some bullshit wins made possible by random players.

Well, the Cavs finally got their asses back. Minus Gobert, the Cavs drop a 20-point win on 'em. Darius Garland gets his first career Triple Double. Evan Mobley impressed. Lauri Markkanen quietly had one of his best games of the season... because Lamar Stevens WASHED 'EM in the third quarter. The first 13 points of a 21-0 run that put the game out of reach, no matter how many 3s the Jazz took.

The Cavs were without Rondo and I was worried that DG (who badly needs some rest) would be blitzed horribly and Goodwin couldn't keep up. It didn't matter. That was an long coming ass whooping.

On to the Spurs and OKC to finally get off this wretched road trip.