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Topic subjecti wouldn't go all out in free agency during the season
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2755189, i wouldn't go all out in free agency during the season
Posted by RandomFact, Thu Jan-13-22 01:03 AM
if guys like covington or batum can be had without mortgaging the future, sure.

thing is, like 90% of this roster has zero playoff experience. making a respectable playoff run with one of the above mentioned forwards and then looking to regroup in the offseason and go after it next season makes sense. especially when/if the nets disband.

the reality is that we need playoff experience and we need to take those inevitable playoff lumps. i assume our new competent front office will have that in mind when teams come asking for the farm in return for whoever we go after. but overall i agree that we have a huge hole up front. i expect that to be filled cautiously. and then we can look to get creative in the offseason.