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Topic subjectWhat makes you think I hate Ja Morant?
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2755144, What makes you think I hate Ja Morant?
Posted by allStah, Wed Jan-12-22 07:07 PM
I just understand they have some serious talent on that team,
and that other players deserve shots as well.

Plus Ja is an injury prone skinny guard, and taking 23-25 shots
a game will just lead to even more wear and tear. Even Jordan
had to learn that. Under Collins he was taking 30 damn shots a game
almost, and would have broken down under Collins. Phil comes in and
puts the ball in Pippen’s hand, and instituted a system where Jordan
didn’t have to kill himself every night.

Jah around 17-20 shots a night, with Bane, Jackson, and Brooks getting
getting double digit shots will make the team’s games a lot easier, and
also help to keep Jah healthy....,unless you want him to wind up like iverson.

( plus he needs to put on some muscle and improve his defense ....he has
actually improved since he has been back)

It’s just constructive criticism.