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Topic subjectThere are no replacements for Chilwel or James.
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2755788, There are no replacements for Chilwel or James.
Posted by allStah, Tue Jan-18-22 08:07 PM
There is no one on the team who possesses the gifts they possess on
both ends of the pitch. It is glaring to say the least.

Odoi is not a wingback, he is simply a winger. He doesn’t possess the awareness
or physical ability to push forward and to track back, and he isn’t
effective with getting service into the box. He is a straight, fast
winger, that’s it.

Lukaku is a Central Forward who needs service. He isn’t a flighty striker who
can create on his own, so without any service he is useless on the pitch.

Mount has great chemistry with James and Chilwel, and that is the engine that
drives Chelsea’s offense. Mount looks lost without Chilwel and James on the
pitch. There is no buildup or connection with the other players. Everyone is just
running around doing Cardio

Kepa did make some good saves, but the team just doesn’t play or
look right when he is the keeper.

I say go 4-3-3, with Havertz and Mount on the same side, see if they can build
a link to get some service to Lukaku, and put Pulisic on the right.

Havertz - Lukaku - Pulisic

Mount - Jorginho - Kante

Alonso- Rudiger - Silva - AzP

Also, Chalobah is another key figure that we are missing