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Topic subjectNot a good time for Mendy to be on National duty at the AFCON
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2755380, Not a good time for Mendy to be on National duty at the AFCON
Posted by allStah, Sat Jan-15-22 03:37 PM
and Tuchel got the lineup wrong.

Dropping Mount for Pulisic was a poor decision, and not playing Jorginho
was another poor decision. Pulisic is not a starter. He is an energizer better
coming off the bench.

And boy do we miss Ben Chillwel. We miss his speed and outright
offensive ability. I think Alonso might be washed.
He used to hit the flanks with speed, and he used to be able to get in
box with ease. Those days might be past him. We definitely need to
acquire another speedy wingback over the summer. Chilwel might not
even be back for next season.

It’s time to sell Kante. He will be 31 soon, and he isn’t old, old, but
he isn’t what he used to be.

We are still in second place, and in great position to repeat as champions in the
CL. PremierLeague is out of reach though.

We have to play Kepa for entire month....skylord, help us now.