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2755204, things not mentioned earlier
Posted by thejerseytornado, Thu Jan-13-22 10:12 AM
(I think it's too insular to say it's about african national set up deficiencies and rather worthwhile to point at what built in advantages there are for European teams to dominate):

1. Some of the best African talent gets poached by colonial powers (thanks colonialism!). Ansu Fati is going to play for Spain, for example. Ez Abde too. Part of that is rules around needing euro passports to play in euro leagues and then european national teams will pay more out to a player for playing/winning than african teams do.

2. Euro academies. Part of why Brazil is still able to compete, aside from pure size of population and love of the game, is its one of the few countries that hosts its own world class pro academies outside of Europe. Some of the best African academies are extensions of Euro clubs (eto'o's work, for example, is a feeder into Spanish league play for their best players).

3. Not knowing each others' play style. Combining players from multiple leagues with multiple playing styles for a national team is a disadvantage compared to having a few core teams that have your national team backbone (Bayern; real and barca for the two best national examples of that). For example, Luis Enrique yesterday got to watch practically an entire national team 11 if he wanted yesterday in el clasico, minus one or two defenders.

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