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Topic subjectI wish Koulibaly played in the Premier league
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2755196, I wish Koulibaly played in the Premier league
Posted by guru0509, Thu Jan-13-22 03:31 AM
(amo la serie a ma รจ inferiore all'inghilterra)

...just so we could see how elite he really is week in and week out

but he loves Naples (who doesnt) and doesnt want to leave

>>take Senegal for instance though.
>>just a quick look at their roster shows the got a bunch of
>>players at clubs like Chelsea, Bayern Munich, PSG, AC Milan,
>>Liverpool, etc.
>Toure, Diallo, and Sarr playing for Milan, PSG, and Bayern is
>of limited value. Toure has played a total of 441 league
>minutes, Diallo 768 (Sergio Ramos injury), and Bouna Sarr just
>55. Sergino Dest has played almost as much at Barca as all of
>those players combined. You discount Algeria but Ramy
>Bensabaini playing 1000 minutes at Borussa Monchengladbach is
>worth more than Bouna Sarr playing 55 at Bayern Munich.
>They can be on the team, but they arent consistently
>performing at a high level, or even getting run in a lot of
>all their guys are playing in top level
>>leagues and clubs in Europe. that's a lot of top level
>its not top level talent. theyre backups to top level talent,
>plus Mane and Koulibaly, who ARE top level talent.
>>most nations outside of Europe would kill to have a
>>roster with that much experience.
>like who? The US had like 8 guys regularly starting for
>Champions League participants this year and we aint winning
>shit lol. Senegal had what...one?