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Topic subjectAlso, African National teams hire foreign coaches to come
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2755187, Also, African National teams hire foreign coaches to come
Posted by allStah, Thu Jan-13-22 01:02 AM
in to teach and coach players, and they don’t always have the best
interest of the players in mind. Most are simply there for monetary gains, and
and don’t really care about the performances or advancement of the team,
and they definitely don’t care about the culture or spirit of the country.

Germany has a German coach. England has an English coach. Most European countries don’t bring in non-indigenous coaches to coach their national teams,
so there are no language barriers, or cultural indifferences, and it generates an immense amount of national spirit.

In order for a nation to be successful they need a rich football culture from top to
bottom: the talent, the academies, the facilities, the coaches, the trainers, the organizations, and most importantly the leadership. African countries simply don’t
have those properties.