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Topic subjecttheyre squad players tho, not regulars
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2755178, theyre squad players tho, not regulars
Posted by cgonz00cc, Wed Jan-12-22 11:16 PM
>take Senegal for instance though.
>just a quick look at their roster shows the got a bunch of
>players at clubs like Chelsea, Bayern Munich, PSG, AC Milan,
>Liverpool, etc.

Toure, Diallo, and Sarr playing for Milan, PSG, and Bayern is of limited value. Toure has played a total of 441 league minutes, Diallo 768 (Sergio Ramos injury), and Bouna Sarr just 55. Sergino Dest has played almost as much at Barca as all of those players combined. You discount Algeria but Ramy Bensabaini playing 1000 minutes at Borussa Monchengladbach is worth more than Bouna Sarr playing 55 at Bayern Munich.

They can be on the team, but they arent consistently performing at a high level, or even getting run in a lot of cases.

all their guys are playing in top level
>leagues and clubs in Europe. that's a lot of top level

its not top level talent. theyre backups to top level talent, plus Mane and Koulibaly, who ARE top level talent.

>most nations outside of Europe would kill to have a
>roster with that much experience.

like who? The US had like 8 guys regularly starting for Champions League participants this year and we aint winning shit lol. Senegal had what...one?