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2755146, Depth.
Posted by Buck, Wed Jan-12-22 07:29 PM
>Seems odd that the only difference between African nations
>and others is time spent training. Even if they don't get as
>much time as they need with their national team squad they get
>plenty of training with their club teams. Like I mentioned,
>were talking about some of the top clubs in the world.

Well, the very best Africans are on the very best clubs, but top to bottom, no. Take last tourney's champ, Algeria. There's Mahrez, but after that it's a few guys who are regulars in Ligue 1, couple of decent guys in Bundesliga, a guy in the Turkish league, some Ligue 1 reserve squad members...or take Egypt. Salah is the best striker in the world right now, but I cannot name a single other Egyptian player off the top of my head.

>you saying they simply don't have the same strength and
>conditioning, nutrition and staff that other nations have?
>Hard to believe that they can produce so many world class

That's the thing—it's not that many. For the reasons allstah brought up, really.