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Topic subjectYes. Staff, Nutrition, facilities, all of that matters.
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2755139, Yes. Staff, Nutrition, facilities, all of that matters.
Posted by allStah, Wed Jan-12-22 05:36 PM
A lot of these African nations are ruled by incompetent or nefarious
governments, and the people of those African nations
don’t have the amenities and resources to have fruitful lives. So you
think the teams of those nations are going to be able to compete
against the French and Germans?

England, France, Italy, and Spain have the best soccer leagues in the world.
The leagues in African countries are terribly run and supported. Do you
see the top African players in the world playing in those leagues?

Hell no.

But you see top Spanish players playing in Spain, or top English players
playing in England. Those countries are rich, so their leagues and national
teams are rich in resources and support.

Lack of financial resources, lack of organization, and lack of support are why
those African countries can’t compete at the highest of levels. From the weak
coaches, from the weak trainers, from the weak faculties, there is huge drop off
compared to the European pro clubs that those African players play for.....HUGE.

And it takes way more than talent to win. You should know that. Coaching/Scheme/
and training are the most important factors. Frank Lampard had a Ferrari of a team,
and was trash as hell. Tuchel took over that same team and won the CL in less than
6 months....also see MU. Italy doesn’t have the most talented players in comparison
to Belgium or France, and they dominated the Euro cup....why? Coaching/scheme/
training/ discipline.

African countries lack all that above.