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Topic subjectWhy do African nations not perform better at the World Cup?
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2755084, Why do African nations not perform better at the World Cup?
Posted by jrocc, Tue Jan-11-22 07:05 PM
I'm watching AFCON highlights (always entertaining) and as usual I'm wondering why African nations don't seem to perform better at the World Cup. I don't think an African nation has made it past the QF and they've only made it that far a couple of times. Why do you think that is?

They clearly have talented players. Most of the players at AFCON usually represent the biggest club teams from the biggest leagues in the sport. A lot of the best players in Europe are African. I've also noticed that other nations successes seem to be tied to them getting more players of African descent to play for their nations. Notably even the USMNT's recent success seems to coincide with (imo) the blackest team they've ever had.

So what's the deal with African nations? Is it just as simple as a lack of resources, training and facilities? What can be done about it?