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Topic subject^^^This is all cow shit and after the fact.
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2755102, ^^^This is all cow shit and after the fact.
Posted by allStah, Wed Jan-12-22 01:20 AM
No one knew shit from shit on how those QBs would turn out. It was such
a weak QB draft, that ESPN wrote an article on how all three teams were taking
a huge risk on moving up to take Tru, Mahomes and Watson. All three teams gave up
a lot of assets to move up.

Im not trying to justify a damn thing. I’m telling the truth on what went on with that
QB draft class, and Trubisky was the top draft prospect of that class. You can
armchair QB all you want to.

Also, when both Trubisky and Mahomes went to the pro bowl, both of the bears
and Chiefs were predicted to go to the super bowl the following year. Those
are facts.

When the Bears went 12-4, everyone was saying positive things about Trubisky and
bears. That’s a fact.

So miss me with your revisionism bullcrap, and meaningless criticism AFTER THE FACT.

Ryan Pace moved up to take a number 1 QB prospect. That QB went to the pro bowl,
and the Bears made 2 PO appearances with him, and he has a winning record
as a QB. Unfortunately, he didn’t continue to evolve as a QB, so it didn’t work out.


Half the teams in the NFL can’t say that about their QB.