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Topic subjectThose comps are all good players....
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2755096, Those comps are all good players....
Posted by blueeclipse, Tue Jan-11-22 08:28 PM
But not players you draft as the second pick in the draft. The Alex Smith pick proves that even more.

I look at Trubisky in the same way I look at Ryan Tannehill. You can win with him. But that guys isn't taking over a game. He's not a top 10 QB. Same with Derek Carr.

The fact that this dude is still defending this pick is insane. The idea that anyone else could get one over on Pace and actually think Mahomes was better is like unheard of to him. (But that's basically what happened).

Trubisky wasn't so much better than Mahomes and Watson that it required moving up to 2. I could see if he was THAT MUCH BETTER even in the scouting but he was a one year starter on top of that.