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Topic subjectYou putting Nagy on the same level as Andy Reid?
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2755066, You putting Nagy on the same level as Andy Reid?
Posted by allStah, Tue Jan-11-22 05:31 PM
Now who is being illogical here? Matt Nagy is not Andy Reid, and doesn’t
know how to run a system, which is why he had to give up play calling duties.
I think he is better as just being a coach, not a developer of QBs

You can’t be serious.

What I’m telling you is that Mitch Trubisky was going to be the first QB taken
regardless Of the Bears taking him. More teams were interested in him over Mahomes
and Watson, and like I stated above even the Chiefs passed on Watson.

Several teams were interested in trading up to get Trubisky, even the Chiefs,
which is why Pace moved up to number 2 to get him.

This is what you fail to comprehend.