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Topic subject^^ This is revisionism bullshit.
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2755056, ^^ This is revisionism bullshit.
Posted by allStah, Tue Jan-11-22 04:27 PM
Both Mahomes and Trubisky went to the pro ball in their second season and led
their teams to 12-4 records, and both teams went to the POs

Mithc threw for 3200 yards, 24 TDs, with a 94pct passer rating that season.

But the following season the wheels fell off. . That’s how that shit went down.

So was it truly a bad draft choice or simply bad coaching that lead to Trubisky’s
downfall. I’m not saying that Trubisky is on the same level as Mahomes, but
Mahomes plays for a great system under an elite QB coach. Mitch played under Nagy.

Ryan Pace should not be blamed for that.