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Topic subjectTrubisky was the number 1 QB prospect on the board
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2755040, Trubisky was the number 1 QB prospect on the board
Posted by allStah, Tue Jan-11-22 02:00 PM
BY ALL SCOUTS. He was ahead of Mahomes and Watson. Trubisky was
going top 5/10 regardless of who drafted him.

So stop it.

Pace drafted the number 1 QB on the board is what a gm is supposed to do.
No one knew anything about mahomes or perceived him to be good. It’s the
same thing with Herbert.

Pace is not at fault if a top prospect doesn’t pan out.

And he made some outstanding draft picks. Smith is a major stud, and so are
Montgomery and Mooney..

Bears’ Qb issues did’t/don’t start with Pace. That has been an on going issue throughout
the history of the bears.