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Topic subjectHe did course correct from last year
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2754934, He did course correct from last year
Posted by bentagain, Mon Jan-10-22 07:04 PM
He actually did improve from dog$hit, to middle of the pack
Didn't happen in one season, but he did improve
Maybe mental issue wasn't the right term, more of a block
He looks terrified of getting hit
When he was on 17 and 18 he was way more confident
He's got the natural arm talent
Reich corrected the TO machine he was last year
IDK about writing him off just yet
Didn't work this year
GM needs to decide if they try again or move on...and that was the point of my post
Rivers wasn't a long-term solution
If they weren't committed to Wentz long-term
They should have just tanked in 2020
Rivers wasn't going to win a SB
and now you've got a long shot bet that didn't pan out in year one
As fun as it is to party on Wentz...they were real close to their goal this year