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Topic subjectRE: IMO, INDY is a case study for tanking
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2754920, RE: IMO, INDY is a case study for tanking
Posted by ThaTruth, Mon Jan-10-22 05:16 PM
>They've been middling for a minute now
>Obviously, Luck retired and they didn't have an heir apparent
>in the wings
>Had a losing season following
>Then rebounded with Rivers
>...but just to be aight...
>I would have preferred to keep Reich in Philly in hindsight
>with how Pederson worked out
>I think he's a great coach
>and IRT Wentz, that was the motivation for him going to Indy
>They thought they could recapture his MVP 17' form
>Wentz has mental issues
>He's got all of the physical tools...but just can't be who he
>was 5 years ago
>They would have been better off tanking given where they are
>today and the QB class of last year
>Now they're stuck with Wentz, I don't see how that's on

so with a white coach its the player's fault? gotcha