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Topic subjectIMO, INDY is a case study for tanking
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2754919, IMO, INDY is a case study for tanking
Posted by bentagain, Mon Jan-10-22 05:12 PM
They've been middling for a minute now
Obviously, Luck retired and they didn't have an heir apparent in the wings
Had a losing season following
Then rebounded with Rivers
...but just to be aight...
I would have preferred to keep Reich in Philly in hindsight with how Pederson worked out
I think he's a great coach
and IRT Wentz, that was the motivation for him going to Indy
They thought they could recapture his MVP 17' form
Wentz has mental issues
He's got all of the physical tools...but just can't be who he was 5 years ago
They would have been better off tanking given where they are today and the QB class of last year
Now they're stuck with Wentz, I don't see how that's on Reich...?