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Topic subjectLAC 3:1 pass/run ration = L LAV 1:1 pass/run ration = W
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2754838, LAC 3:1 pass/run ration = L LAV 1:1 pass/run ration = W
Posted by bentagain, Mon Jan-10-22 09:03 AM
What I'm saying is...in the age of analytics...it appears to me
just based on observation and then boxscore bobby all of the other games
That there is a tipping point for run/pass ratio that trends toward predicting wins and losses
I totally understand coaches may get caught up in the moment and just want to go for it all, etc...
But it's surprising to me that they seem to be unaware that just chucking the football is a disadvantage...unless Tom is your QB

LAV stayed committed to the run, and Jacobs got them into FG position on that final drive
...while Herbert was picking himself up off the ground every play...

I would ASSume it's one of the reasons that 3rd and long is hard to convert
You're signaling to the defense that a pass is coming, and they get to just go after the QB
Same with these lopsided ratios
The defense can just try to get the QB and they don't have to maintain any gap integrity or respect any other assignment