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Topic subjectIGGLES didn’t play any starters.
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2754695, IGGLES didn’t play any starters.
Posted by bentagain, Sun Jan-09-22 11:51 AM
Devonta was in for a handful of snaps to get the rookie record
Kelce was in for the first snap to continue his consecutive game streak
That’s it. That’s the list.

Your entire starting offense was on the field through 3 quarters
17-17 with 2 minutes to play in the first half
You’re deflecting and not addressing the issue
The penalties and Pollard’s plantar fasciitis are going to be issues in the playoffs.

DAL is 6-0 vs the NFC East
Their best W is…OT vs NE in week 6…?
We saw what happened vs ARZ

Typical DAL BS to puff up after Ws vs WSH/PHL 3rd stringers and ignore the glaring problems