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Topic subject17-17 with 2 minutes left in the first half
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2754684, 17-17 with 2 minutes left in the first half
Posted by bentagain, Sun Jan-09-22 09:48 AM
Other observations
DAL gets too many penaltiies
Zeke’s decline is staggering

I like the hurry up
Dak looks comfortable making calls at the line
and they have the receivers to be effective

To your reply, and it’s also happening way too much in the NBA
The flexing, taunting…needs to stop
Wilson getting a TD in the 1st quarter and then taunting fans by doing the bird…
Let’s just say I understand Buddy Ryan the older I get

I like that the NFL allows the team celebrations
But running over to fans and taunting them on the road…that’s a bit much

DAL got the W they needed
But it wasn’t the flex you think it is keeping starters in the game through 3 quarters vs our practice squad.

Huntley and Gainwell, a RB getting his first snaps of the year and our 4th RB, were doing damage
We add a marquee WR to go with Devonta next year, I’ll be happy