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Topic subject111 current NFL coaches related to a current or former head coach
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2754531, 111 current NFL coaches related to a current or former head coach
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Jan-06-22 01:02 PM

you have Black coaches with 30 years of experience and a head coach gives their son the same title after 4 to 5 years on staff.

a snippet from the article

In most cases, it wasn’t hard to figure out who was related to a current or former coach because most of these official bios proudly list any and all NFL pedigrees. And if the family connection isn’t covered sufficiently in the team bio, there are plenty of feel-good local newspaper stories on how cute it is to hire your son. Seattle outlet MyNorthwest.com wrote in 2015 about how Seahawks receivers coach Nate Carroll ended up coaching on his dad Pete’s staff: “Younger brother Nate graduated USC five years ago with a degree in Psychology after an illustrious high school career. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do when his dad offered him a coaching gig in Seattle, unsolicited.”

“We never really talked about it growing up; being a coach,” Nate told MyNorthwest. “It wasn’t a focus as a young kid. I mean he’d tell me stuff here and there but it wasn’t until midway through college that I realized would be my best opportunity.”

Oh, to be a college graduate landing a NFL job offer without any planning or preparation for the job. (Nate’s older brother Brennan left Seattle’s staff last year to be the offensive coordinator for the University of Arizona.) The Seahawks did not respond to a request to speak to the Carrolls.

After looking through every team’s coaching staff as of March 2021, I found that Adam and Mike and Nate and Pete are among 111 NFL coaches who are related biologically or through marriage to current or former NFL coaches, out of a total of 792 coaches employed by NFL teams. That’s 14 percent of all coaches. (I hand-counted this total based on my own research parameters: coaches listed on team website and anyone with the coaching assistant title. The NFL’s official coach count is 822: They count all coaching contracts submitted to the league office, which includes all interns who may not be listed on a staff website.) Mike Zimmer and Pete Carroll are two of five head coaches entering this season who oversaw a relative they hired onto their staff. Belichick has sons Steve and Brian as his outside linebackers and safeties coach; Jon Gruden had his son Deuce, whose first NFL job was on uncle Jay Gruden’s Washington staff, as his assistant strength coach in Las Vegas; and Ron Rivera has his nephew Vincent on staff as a defensive quality control coach.
2754673, when white ppl try to talk shit about affirmative action i always ask how
Posted by poetx, Sat Jan-08-22 11:10 PM
they feel about nepotism.

b/c they have ALL worked with a boss' idiot nephew or brother-in-law.

14%, tho.

peace & blessings,



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2754834, Not shocked
Posted by The Real, Mon Jan-10-22 07:52 AM
The NFL more than any other sport is a microcosm of society. For example the noise around:

- Hiring
- Black QBs
- Black coaches
- National Anthem

2754837, while I’m bot shocked I still find it fascinating
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Jan-10-22 08:47 AM
how people will say the best man should get the job while totally ignoring the nepotism in coaching and front office.
2754880, been going on for a while
Posted by ThaTruth, Mon Jan-10-22 12:11 PM