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2754631, Exactly.
Posted by allStah, Fri Jan-07-22 07:12 PM
This woman is known for creating and spreading fictitious stories about men just
to get AD clicks, and she appears to target black men.

More than like she was hired to do that to Kanye to stain his image while
he was going through a divorce with Kim, and now she is clearly doing the same
thing here.

Today is Friday, the on the field incident happened last Sunday, and she alleges
that she was in the Hotel with him the night before. That’s a timetable of 5-6 days.
Brown is the talk of the media and she is trying to , once again, get some
fame off the hardship of a Blackman....She simply put out a social media post, and
talked to news outlets, and people are believing her even though they know she is
known liar.

She gets paid to influence people on the internet to think a certain way about
people and things. So what does that say about the people who follow her and
believe her?

This shit is beyond dangerous.