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Topic subjectYou believe?
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2754616, You believe?
Posted by allStah, Fri Jan-07-22 01:52 PM
So you’re just sitting here making some shit up, because a woman who is known
for falsifying stories about people for clicks, money and attention.
She creates hoaxes out of thin air, and gets away with it

You’re celebrating a liar and possibly someone who thrives on slandering black men
for her own white gain. This is a woman who has created fake photos, fake sources,
fake situations just to gain fame.

Antonio Brown had a meltdown because he was at odds with the Buccaneers. There
is some texture there, whether you like him or not. He didn’t make some shit up
for fame, and he could possibly be dealing with some type of mental illness on top of
that, where he doesn’t know how to handle matters in a composed way.

I hope you’re never summoned for jury duty.