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Topic subjectGood Lord. You guys are worse than the media itself.
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2754587, Good Lord. You guys are worse than the media itself.
Posted by allStah, Fri Jan-07-22 08:31 AM
That woman is known for creating fake stories about celebrities. She is the same
woman that lied about Kanye sleeping with a transsexual just to get attention.
She just made it up out of thin air while Kanye was separating from Kim.
She even had fake messages and photos created to spread the fake story.

She also pretended to lick a toilet stool on a commercial airplane as a Corona Virus challenge, having people believe she was licking an actual public toilet that
was covered with droplets of the virus. That was a fake story as well.

She is an Internet influencer and attention seeker, and was more than likely instructed
to do this.

This is lazy posting, and it is ignorant, slanderous and disgusting.