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Topic subjectDENIED. Bye, "mate"
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2755491, DENIED. Bye, "mate"
Posted by guru0509, Sun Jan-16-22 03:07 PM
I was a fan of this dude (his game, idk anything about him off court) before all this, now I've done a complete 180 on this arrogant piece of shit.

Novak Djokovic has left Australia after losing his final appeal to avoid deportation


>The world's No. 1 has arrived in Australia after securing a
>medical exemption to the tournament’s COVID-19 vaccine
>mandate. But with no explanation, Australians are furious at
>what looks like a clear double standard.
>Tennis Australia has refused to disclose why Djokovic was
>granted a medical exemption when many others players
>weren’t. Speaking on Wednesday, as outrage spread across the
>nation, the group’s chief executive Craig Tiley appeared to
>urge the tennis star to tell the public why he was granted an
>exemption to help cool down the situation.
>“Some of you will be upset about the fact that Novak has
>come in because of his statements of the past couple of years
>around vaccination,” he said, referring to Djokovic’s
>repeated anti-vaccine statements. “However, it’s
>ultimately up to him to discuss with the public his condition
>if you choose to do that, and the reason why he received an