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Topic subjectNovak Djokovic gets medical exemption for COVID-19 vaccine mandate
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2754380, Novak Djokovic gets medical exemption for COVID-19 vaccine mandate
Posted by CHASE SwAyZe, Wed Jan-05-22 11:21 AM

The world's No. 1 has arrived in Australia after securing a medical exemption to the tournament’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. But with no explanation, Australians are furious at what looks like a clear double standard.

Tennis Australia has refused to disclose why Djokovic was granted a medical exemption when many others players weren’t. Speaking on Wednesday, as outrage spread across the nation, the group’s chief executive Craig Tiley appeared to urge the tennis star to tell the public why he was granted an exemption to help cool down the situation.

“Some of you will be upset about the fact that Novak has come in because of his statements of the past couple of years around vaccination,” he said, referring to Djokovic’s repeated anti-vaccine statements. “However, it’s ultimately up to him to discuss with the public his condition if you choose to do that, and the reason why he received an exemption.”