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Topic subjectCavs escape the choke in Sacramento
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2754999, Cavs escape the choke in Sacramento
Posted by Dr Claw, Tue Jan-11-22 01:48 AM

I see why the scouts were closing in on the Kings game tonight. Something tells me Fox and Hield are on someone's plucking list and may be on another team soon.

That being said, wish the Cavs had a guard that could be beside Garland right now that could provide guaranteed offense. Mugs were taking all kinds of 3s and making them.

Nothing but respect for "Classy" Barnes aka Southphillyman. Wish he were on the Cavs too

Garland is gassed and teams are picking on him.
Allen and Mobley bounced back
Lauri had some redeeming minutes.

Lamar Stevens is an "end of bench guy" but I like the dude a lot.

Back to back after a game against The Most Bullshit Team In The NBA, I'll take the win, but hope the guys can rest since the Jazz are up next.