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Topic subjectLost by..... 14, about right
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2754801, Lost by..... 14, about right
Posted by Dr Claw, Sun Jan-09-22 10:42 PM
When Rondo and Lamar Stevens are your top scorers, and no one else even sniffs 20? Bad.

Rondo should be the fuel on the fire, not the fire itself.

And there was no Donkeylips. Team just looked out of it for the most part. Lauri had another putrid night. Couldn't get no good looks for Love or Cedi.

Next season, they better not give the Cavs any games against them in 2022. Want them after a couple months of Sexton and whoever else joins up in the offseason.

Every quarter the Cavs had the Bonus and couldn't capitalize.

On to Sacramento.